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The Best CrossFit Grips

Updated October 30, 2023

Your hands are one of the most important tools for CrossFit athletes, yet they often take a beating during high-intensity workouts. Rips, tears, and calluses are common injuries that can hamper your performance and progress. The solution? High-quality CrossFit grips. Grips protect your hands while improving your grip strength, bar control, and workout efficiency. 

In this guide, we review the best CrossFit grips on the market and provide tips for choosing a pair that suits your needs. Your hands will thank you, and your workouts will benefit from using specialized CrossFit grips. 

Best CrossFit Grips Overall

Top Pick
Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips

"Protect your hands and palms during Pull-ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar, Kettlebell swings, Powerlifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and more"


Bear Komplex 3-Hole grips are our top choice for CrossFit athletes and are widely considered the best overall grips. They are made of high-quality carbon fiber material that is highly durable yet flexible. The padded palm provides comfort during high-volume workouts.

The 3 hole design is versatile for different exercises like pull-ups, toes-to-bars, and more. Bear Komplex offers grips with 2, 3, or 4-finger holes so you can choose the right amount of coverage and mobility for your needs.

These grips will last through hundreds of WODs and provide superior protection and performance. For their high quality, comfort, and versatility, Bear Komplex grips are our top all-around choice.

Best CrossFit Grips with Wrist Support

Our Runner-Up
JerkFit WODies

"JerkFit WODies represent a new breed of fingerless weightlifting gloves—with a combination of wrist support and palm protection to help tear through a WOD, rather than your skin."


The JerkFit WODies are widely considered the best CrossFit grips that also provide wrist support, and we totally agree. These grips are our official runner-up choice and feature integrated wrist wraps made of thick neoprene material that offers compression and stabilization of the wrist joint during movements like muscle-ups or heavy overhead lifts.

The WODies use a traditional 3-hole hand grip design and provide extra wrist support that helps prevent injury without restricting movement. The wraps reduce strain when weightlifting and gymnastics are combined in demanding CrossFit workouts. For athletes struggling with wrist pain or mobility, the WODies provide compression and stability. At the same time, the palm enables a solid grip.

Overall, the JerkFit WODies are ideal for CrossFit athletes looking for hand protection and extra wrist stability in a single product. They allow high-volume pull-ups and other exercises without discomfort. For intense CrossFit training, the WODies are considered the best combo option that combines grip, durability, and wrist support.

Best Budget CrossFit Grips

Budget Pick
Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips

"Rogue’s Gymnastics Grips are the proven accessory for protecting your hands during high-rep pull-ups, kettlebell swings, toes-to-bar, and dozens of other palm punishing movements."


Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips are an excellent budget-friendly option. Made of durable American made leather, these grips provide solid protection and grip without breaking the bank.

The Rogue V2 grips feature a simple 2-hole finger loop design that slips over your middle and ring fingers. The leather palm area helps improve your grip on pull-ups, toes-to-bars, and other movements where your hands take a beating. Meanwhile, the leather backing and hook & loop strap keep your hands comfy during high-rep sets.

While they lack some of the features of premium grips, the Rogue V2 grips deliver excellent value. They’re basic yet well-constructed, using high-quality materials that enhance grip and stand up to regular use. Rogue is also a trusted name in CrossFit equipment.

For CrossFit newbies or anyone not looking to splurge, the Rogue V2 grips get the job done. They provide a cost-effective way to protect your hands and improve grip strength in your workouts. Their straightforward design means they’re easy to use right out of the box.

Buying Considerations

When choosing a pair of CrossFit grips, there are several factors to consider:

  • Number of finger holes: Choose between 2-, 3- or 4-hole options depending on how much of your fingers you want covered. 3-hole grips offer the most versatility for various exercises.
  • Materials: Popular materials include leather, carbon fiber, mesh, and neoprene. Leather and carbon fiber are very durable. Mesh is breathable. Neoprene is flexible and protective.
  • Durability: Look for reinforced stitching, tear-resistant fabrics, and strong velcro or strap closures. Grips will take a lot of use and abuse, so durability is essential.
  • Wrist support: If you want extra wrist stability or compression, choose a pair of grips with integrated wrist straps or consider wearing separate wrist wraps.
  • Sizing: Measure the circumference of your hand to determine if you need a small, medium, or large size. Grips that are too loose won’t provide adequate protection or grip support. Grips that are too tight can cut off circulation.

Caring For Your Grips

Properly caring for your CrossFit grips will help them last longer and perform better. Here are some tips:

  • Hand wash and air dry – Grips should be hand-washed in mild soap and water, then allowed to fully air dry, hanging them or laying flat. Avoid using hot water or heat to dry as this can damage materials like leather.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – Skip the harsh detergents, bleach, or other chemicals when cleaning grips, as these can break down the material prematurely. Mild soap and water are best.
  • Inspect frequently – Check your grips regularly for any rips, tears, or signs of wear. Catching damage early allows for repairs or replacement before grip function is impacted.
  • Ensure proper ventilation – Letting grips fully dry out between uses prevents bacterial growth that causes odors. Allow them to air out rather than being stored damp.

Proper grip care will extend their lifespan so you get the most out of your investment. Following basic maintenance guidelines keeps them in top-performing condition workout after workout.

Exercises That Benefit from Grips

Grips are extremely useful for improving performance on several key CrossFit exercises involving grip strength including:


Pull-ups are a staple CrossFit exercise that heavily involves grip strength. Grips help you maintain your hold on the bar for high-rep sets of pull-ups without tearing up your hands. The extra friction and stability from grips allow you to focus on completing the workout rather than fighting to hold onto the bar.

Toes to Bar

Bringing your toes up to the bar requires a strong grip to keep stability. Grips provide an advantage on high-volume toes to bar sets by protecting your hands and enhancing your hold on the bar.


The transition from pull-up to dip in a muscle-up places intense demands on your grip strength. Grips help you hold the rings or bar on rep after rep of muscle-ups without slipping.

Kettlebell Swings

The handle of a kettlebell can dig into your palms during high-rep swings. Grips protect your hands and support a stronger grip on the handle to maintain perfect form.

Barbell Work

Exercises like deadlifts and cleans rely heavily on barbell grip strength. Grips give you a better hold of the barbell to lift heavier weight with confidence. The extra friction helps the bar sit firmly in your hands during explosive lifts.

Bottom Line

CrossFit grips are an essential piece of gear for any CrossFit athlete. They protect your hands from the intense demands of high-volume workouts while improving your performance, grip strength, and bar control. 

With many options available at varying price points, you can find a high-quality pair of grips to suit your specific needs and budget. 

For safer, more efficient workouts and faster progress, invest in a pair of grips. Your hands will stay protected so your performance can reach new heights.

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