At the Box: What Makes a Great CrossFit Box? (Part 3)

Updated September 7, 2023

When I was a kid, I loved building forts out of cardboard boxes. I would drape sheets over them and turn them on their side, imagining them as huge citadels or spaceships. I didn’t just settle for the box itself; I would build it up and make it great.

A great CrossFit Box does the same for its members. It aims to build individuals and communities by creating an exceptional experience. Here are some ways a great CrossFit Box accomplishes this:

Communication: In addition to the public Facebook page for posting workouts and announcements, a great CrossFit Box has a closed, members-only forum. This allows members to connect throughout the day, discuss workouts, share accomplishments, and remember each other’s birthdays. It’s a place where helpful articles and resources can also be shared.

Pictures: Instead of simply announcing the workout of the day, a great CrossFit Box includes pictures relevant to the members and the Box itself. Seeing fellow members in action or celebrating victories is motivating and helps build connections. It’s an opportunity to learn each other’s names and grow closer as a community.

Group Outings: Organizing activities outside the Box gives members a chance to meet up in a different setting. Whether it’s a paleo BBQ or a night of line dancing, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to get to know each other better and strengthen community bonds.

Intra-Box Competitions: Apart from participating in external competitions, a great CrossFit Box organizes friendly competitions within the Box. These events can be fun and include challenges such as an 8-week body fat percentage challenge with prizes, or a “fittest man/woman at this moment” competition. The focus is on bringing members closer together, encouraging and supporting each other’s progress, and fostering a sense of community.

Parties and Gatherings: To celebrate the hard work and dedication of its members, a great CrossFit Box will host occasional get-togethers for its members. The day might start with an intense workout open to friends and family, followed by a festive gathering or cookout later on. It’s an opportunity to relax, have fun, and strengthen relationships outside of the Box.

In all of these activities, it is important to remember that community is at the heart of CrossFit. The emphasis should always be on building relationships and supporting one another. By extending the Box experience into the lives of its members, a great CrossFit Box fosters a strong sense of community, ensuring athletes feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to continue their CrossFit journey.

This article is Part 3 of our “What Makes a Great CrossFit Box?” series:

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